Letmespace ensure the guest belongings up to 5.000€

  • FIATC through Cogesa collaborates with Letmespace to offer an insurance of maximum quaility to our users.

    Letmespace offers to its guests an insurance adaptable to all our guests. Letmespace will cover up to 5.000€ the tore goods in case of sinister (check the sinister lis below).

    FIATC is a leading insurance company in Spain and the entire world. A guarantee of security to our community.

  • Do not worry about anything, letmespace manages it all!

    When finishing a Letmespace transaction, in your booking check, we will report on the commission charged to have the insurance. Such insurance will be generated in an automatic way.

    You just have to make a reservation to you host and deliver your belongings. Letmespace will automatically manage all the insurance.

  • What is the cost?

    In your final check that we will send you, the final payment will be provided, where the commission and insurance will be made.

    Letmespace manages directly with FIATC the activation of the insurance with the period indicated in the booking. The insurance will be activated with the delivery of your belongings.

  • What kind of sinister allow you to activate the insurance?

    Fires, explosions or lighting.

    Damage due to riotous acts, strikes, vandalism or malicious.

    Land or aquatic vehicle collapse.

    Overflow or dam collapse, rain, wind, snow, smoke, flood or sound waves.

    Water damage.

    Electric damage.

    Glass, marble, label or sanitary ware.

  • What type of belongings does not the insurance cover?

    Liquid, inflamable material, explosives, chemical products, weapons, stolen objects, tabaco or alcohol, liquor, meds, animals, jewellery, highly valuable metal, art, identification cards, passports or cash.

  • What to do in case of sinister?

    The guest will have a 7 days maximum period to communicate the sinister.

    The guest will have to contact as soon as possible Cogesa who will manage the process of sinister resolution:


    C/ Diputacion 262 - 08007 BARCELONA

    933 429 500

    You can always contact Letmespace team ([email protected]) and we will assist you in every step of the process.